Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Needles in the Haystack and 100 miles of Scenic Pacific Coastline

A fantastic day to be out! I spent the early morning at low tide by Haystack Rock and had close encounters with all its tenants. When the tide forced me closer to shore I moved on to the forest trails at Ecola State Park where I found more lifers missed yesterday. Back at the car around noon, I took an extended lunch break at the picnic tables overlooking the ocean so that I could empty all  the full memory cards onto my laptop before moving on.
The skies cleared as I started driving south along highway 101 and I kept going until I reached Newport where I am now.

The list of birds is way too long to mention all, but some of the MANY highlights are:
Harlequin Duck, Pigeon Guillemot (lifer #5), Marbled Murrelet (lifer #6), Rufous Hummingbird, Orange-crowned Warbler, Hermit Warbler, Black-throated Gray Warbler (lifer #7), Varied Thrush, Steller's Jay, Black-headed Grosbeak, Red Crossbill.
Tomorrow I hope to make it all the way to Crater Lake National Park, but I suspect there will be many distractions underway that will slow me down. What can you do.........:o)


  1. ser veldig bra ut Frode! Jeg skulle gjerne vært der selv jeg ;)

  2. Hei Frode, ser bra ut, fortsatt god tur, Jan Erik