Thursday, June 10, 2010

Missing the outdoors

I've been stuck indoor for the last week or so working on revising an NSF research grant proposal, writing on a new manuscript, reviewing another manuscript for Conservation Genetics, and preparing a slide show for my upcoming talk at the Evolution Meetings in Portland, OR at the end of this month. In the meantime, here are some recent photos that I never got around to posting.

Red Admiral:
 Eastern Comma:
Cabbage White:
Northern Mockingbird:
A very sick (possibly rabid) Woodchuck (a.k.a groundhog):
A recently fledged American Robin in our front yard:
A pair of Carolina Chickadees nested in the neighbors nest box on our shared fence:

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  1. Fine sommerfugler, likte spesielt bilde nr. 2. Helt knall