Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just another day at school.....

Okay - a quick stop at Pigpen Pond at UMBC campus on my way to the lab turned into 3 hours heading in and 1 1/2 hours on my way home.... There was a nice group of warblers hanging out by the creek running next to the pond and at the pond I was greeted by an adult Yellow-crowned Night-Heron:)
I have had Alder Flycatchers at this location during spring migration previous years, but never have I had 3 on the same day! They were singing their hearts out around the pond and in the dense edge vegetation along the creek.Of the ten warbler species seen, the 3 Wilson's Warblers were the highlights but a Canada Warbler, 4 singing N. Waterthrushes and several Blackpoll Warblers were also entertaining.
Female Wilson's Warbler (above) and Northern Waterthrush (below):Female Northern Parula and Magnolia Warbler (above), male and female Blackpoll Warbler (below):
Of other co-operative birds were:
Eastern Kingbird (above) and male American Goldfinch (below):Second-year male Baltimore Oriole:
May RULES!!!

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