Sunday, May 16, 2010


Wow -and when I thought nothing could top yesterday! I started at the Sykesville scrublands in Carroll Co. in hope for Blue-winged Warbler and other goodies. Lots of Yellow-breasted Chats (right), no less than four singing ALDER Flycathers, a migrant Lincoln's Sparrow, Wilson's Warbler, Yellow Warbler, and two Northern Waterthrushes.It soon became apparent that there was a strong overhead flight of warblers this morning, so I hurried to Soldier's Delight and boy was it busy!! The woods were dripping with warblers and thrushes and I had a hard time discerning the overlapping songs of Magnolias, Chestnut-sideds, Black-throated Greens and Blues, Blackburnians, Bay-breasteds (yes, there were several of them today as well - even two females!), Ovenbirds, Redstarts, and Black-and-Whites. I also saw both male and female Canada Warbler AND had a close encounter with a migrant MOURNING WARBLER;o) Last but not least, I also got great looks at a late migrant Blue-headed Vireo.

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