Sunday, May 1, 2011

Backyard Jems

The weather was kind of gray all day today, which brought a lot of birds to our bird feeders. Many goldfinches are still enjoying the nyjer seeds and most males have now fully molted into their bright yellow breeding plumage.

The first hummingbird (female Ruby-throated) made a pitstop at one of the nectar feeeders I put out last week.

A pair of American Robins are nesting under our neighbor's deck and they are becoming very aggressive towards other large passerine approaching our yards.

The best bird of the day, a gorgeous male Rose-breasted Grosbeak was promptly chased away by the robins every time it attempted to land on the feeders.

A House Wren has taken interest in one of the new bird boxes we constructed this spring, and has been very busy nest building the last two days. He's a very hard worker and I hope it pays off!

It's interesting how birds are often more confiding when it's cloudy. I was able to get very close views and photos of many normally skittish birds.

Mourning Dove (above) and Northern Cardinal (below):


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